About Me

About Candy Benn Caribbean Author

My Story

I was born in Georgetown Guyana and I grew up in Region 2.

As a child of farmers and teachers (Mom and Dad did both), I spent my childhood between my parent’s farm and my Aunt’s house.

Upon finishing secondary school I became a teacher.

With briefs stops along the way to complete college and university I went travel the different regions of Guyana. As often as possible I also visited several Caribbean Islands and Brazil.

I am a mother with a passion for fiction books, computers, and traveling.

I love a good story whether it is in the form of books or film.

My favorite genre is fantasy. During my spare time, I love to look at fantasy movies particularly those about superheroes with my children.

My favorite children’s books are those about Brer Rabbit and Brer Anansi.

My Inspiration

From an early age, I wanted to write but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I did.

As a parent and bookworm, I wanted my children to enjoy books as much as I did. I knew that if they thought books fun to read they would do it of their own free will.

I also knew that this would make their lives easier later because through reading the structure of the language would come naturally to them. This meant that they would be more likely to do better in all subject areas.

However, as I began to look for books to interest them I began to despair. I wanted stories with people that looked like him, with places that he could relate to.

I also wanted fun stories that would make him laugh and reach for another.

I wasn’t satisfied with what I found so gradually I began to write them myself.

The Journey

For years I wrote stories for my children. I would add pictures, print them and we would read.

However, it wasn’t until 2016 that I wrote a story that made me sit back and think seriously about becoming a published author. Still, it took me five long years to move from simply having the desire, to actually getting the job done.

So five years later the first story I have published is one written in 2016 entitled “The Boy Who Thought He Could Fly.”


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